The Secret by Suzanne Whang

suzanne whang

In October 2006, I watched a documentary about the law of attraction called The Secret. I loved it so much that I bought 100 copies of the DVD for my family and friends. A voice inside me whispered, “Send it to Oprah,” but I thought, “She’ll never get my package, and she’s probably already seen it anyway.” The voice said, “What do you have to lose?” So I FedEx’d the DVD with a letter to Oprah, infusing it with good energy, and then forgot about it.

A month later I was driving, and my cell phone rang. It wasn’t a number I recognized, so I had no intention of answering it, until a voice said, “Answer this call.”

“Hi, is this Suzanne?”
“This is Abby from Oprah Winfrey’s office.”

OH MY GOD! I started driving like an Asian, so I pulled over.
“Abby! I never answer the phone when I don’t recognize the number, but a voice told me to pick up.”
“Well, I never call anyone who sends anything to Harpo Studios because of the sheer volume of mail we get here. But last night, my friend Frank made me watch a DVD called
The Secret. I hadn’t seen it before, and I loved it. This morning I came into the office, and YOUR PACKAGE was on TOP of the stack of mail of my desk.”
“Also, Oprah hasn’t seen this movie. You’re the first person to send it to her.”

How is that possible—the movie was released a year ago! I guess everyone else assumed that she had already seen it.
“Abby, that’s incredible.”
“We’re going to South Africa for six weeks to visit the school that Oprah opened there. I’ll bring the DVD and make sure she watches it.”
“That’s phenomenal! Have a wonderful trip, and I’ll talk to you when you return!”

It felt like my car levitated the rest of the way home.

Six weeks later, I was sitting at a table for two, waiting for my friend Lucille at a café in LA. A tall friendly man walked up to my table, sat down, and said, “Hello!” A bit taken aback at his presumptuousness, I said, “Hello.” He said, “How are you?” I said, “Blissful. How are you?” He said, “Following my bliss.” Then he paused and said, “Have you ever seen the movie The Secret?” And I said, “What?? Not only have I seen it, but I was the first person to send it to Oprah, and—”  Before I could finish my sentence, he had sprung up from his chair and was running around exclaiming, “Oh my God! Did you know that Oprah’s doing a show about The Secret in two weeks?” I blurted out, “NO, I didn’t know that! How do YOU know that?” He said, “I attend the Agape Spiritual Center, and Rev. Michael Beckwith was in The Secret. He just announced that he’s flying to Chicago in two weeks to talk about The Secret on Oprah!” I was flabbergasted. Then I said, “Wait a minute—why did you come over here and ask me if I’ve seen The Secret?” And he said, “I have no idea.”

The next morning I left Abby an excited voicemail asking if I could please come and be in the studio audience for this episode! Through a series of miraculous circumstances manifested by the law of attraction, I flew to Chicago for an insanely low airfare, got upgraded to a suite at the hotel I booked, met Jack Canfield (another panelist from The Secret) in the hotel’s check-in line, got invited to dinner with him and the rest of The Secret panelists the night before the taping, sat next to Rev. Michael Beckwith and became friends with him, rode to Harpo Studios in a stretch limo with the panelists the next morning, witnessed the most incredible hour of television as it happened, told Oprah my story and heard her confirm that I was the first person to send her the DVD, and had my picture taken with Oprah’s arm around me. On my flight from Chicago back to LA, I got goosebumps as I remembered that just a few months prior to this moment, I had scotch taped a photo of Oprah next to a photo of me, and put it inside my Magical Creation Box (a 3D version of a vision board). And now I have a real photo with her!!!

Mother Teresa once said, “We cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” It was a small gesture to send a letter and DVD to Oprah, but I did it with great love, completely detached from any particular result. I had nothing personally to gain from it, and I know it’s had a positive ripple effect on the world.

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