Reiki: Cosmic Healing by Carrie T. Ewing

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There is really only one question to ask anyone who would like to receive Reiki healing: Do you believe there is infinite light and love in the universe?

Reiki energy is known to heal on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Over the years, I have been humbled by the healing power of Reiki when dealing with addiction. Ultimately, most people healed by Reiki energy are those who found the courage it takes to do the hard self-work and learn to self-love.

Throughout the ten years I have been a Reiki Master, I have had the honor of giving Reiki to a few thousand people, animals, and Mother Earth. I have seen first-hand how the healing power of Reiki has helped recipients of the healing energy.

I give Reiki healing energy freely because I never want anyone to think they cannot ask for healing energy if they don’t have money to pay for good health. This is my special way of being of service to others. I have always been interested in healing. As a child I wanted to be a nurse.

I feel that part of my life’s path has placed me into the lives of people who are or have been addicts or other difficulties with pain. Throughout my life’s journey I have been surrounded by people in pain. So many people I know are suffering from some form of pain. Is this coincidence or synchronicity? Soon after Ron and I married, he was involved in a traumatic accident at work which left him with chronic pain. Is this the “life path” we chose together? Since then, there have been other accidents, but my husband is still mobile in spite of his chronic pain because of regular Reiki sessions.

Reiki has taught me to see even the smallest of miracles. There are times when I am sending healing energy to someone, I receive messages for that person. It could be just an image, a word, a scent, or a thought. I have delivered some really odd message to the individuals that are receiving energy. There is no ego involved with Reiki healing. Only intent. And the intent is to heal.

Some of the people I have met over the years were able to find sobriety because of the healing Reiki energy they received. Some individuals accepted Reiki healing on a daily basis for a whole month. There have been other people along the way who were also inspired to become Reiki Masters.

I also have had the honor of sending Reiki energy to a few souls who were ready to leave this world. I was a facilitator that helped a man’s heart valve start working again for a little while. Since then, I have become more open to receiving messages from the other side. I have also found grace in Reiki, and was fortunate enough to be able to help my mom cross over peacefully by giving her Reiki during the last days of her life.  Reiki truly moves me. Sometimes I am privileged enough to pass on messages from those souls too.

I believe Reiki can heal what needs to be healed. Ultimately we all have to do self-work to heal our wounds. Reiki helps magnify the positive energy around us so we can move forward in a positive way.

On May 20, 2006 I received my Certificate of completion to be a Reiki Master Practitioner. I also received attunements at this time which raised my energy vibrations on this plane of existence. Those attunements opened up the line of communication between me and the highest light and love of the universe. This includes my Holy Spirit guide. Reiki Masters are facilitators—or conduits if you will—for the energy from the light and love of the universe. We do not heal the individual, the energy that comes from the light and love of the universe through the individuals own self will does the healing.