Promise #11 by Dan Griffin

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When I was young and just coming into recovery, I read these words on pages 83 and 84 and saw for the first time what my life could be some day. In the midst of my deep insecurity, shame, fear, and hopelessness, these words were a beacon. I took very seriously the fact that they are called the Promises, not the Maybes or the Might Happens. I went to meetings where men and women talked about how the promises had come true in their life and so I held onto them as a covenant between me and the fellowship. They have come true for me. And, they will come true for you, too—as long as you are willing to do the work.

We greatly appreciate the spiritual principle of progress rather than perfection. We missed Promise #11 in the last issue, so here it is!

Promise #11: We will Intuitively Know How to Handle Situations that Used to Baffle Us

What a gift when you learn to trust yourself. You know when to seek the counsel of others. You realize that there is a wisdom inside of you that connects you to the Universe in a most profound way. Your Higher Power is with you wherever you go and providing you with a divine guidance that nobody can prevent you from accessing. You know how to take into consideration others’ guidance without it defining how you choose to live your life. Panic no longer drives your reaction to life. You no longer doubt every decision you make. You see the path to solutions of problems you never thought you could overcome. You are willing to make mistakes because you know that is how you learn. Failure does not define you. In fact, there is no such thing as failure if you don’t stop trying. You find yourself speaking, acting, and living spontaneously as though life were effortless. You begin to understand what it means to wear the world as a loose garment. That is the power of this Promise. That is the essence of the Spiritual Experience that we have been given the opportunity to integrate into the foundation of our recovery.

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