No Longer Lost – by Staff Writer

Lighthouse Treatment and Step 12 Magazine

step 12 magazine advertorialJust one of the success stories emerging from Lighthouse Treatment is Charles C. who has been clean/sober since December 2011. Charles currently works as a substance abuse counselor in Orange County, and is passionate about helping others on their road to recovery. This is Charles’s story:

“While I was active in my addiction I felt completely lost, alone and afraid. I used drugs and alcohol to mask the feelings. After I’d smoke the first gram of meth and downed a single shot of vodka, I’d get an amazing rush. I remember the feeling clearly—I’d be on top of the world.

Once the high really set in, my mind went fast and upbeat. It felt like one long ten year day, time just passed by. I was hooked. Drugs were slowly destroying my life; I knew something had to change.

When I got to the doors of the Lighthouse I felt something inside me that I had never felt before. Everyone was extremely welcoming and kind—they talked to me and most importantly they understood what I was going through. That was something I had not felt in a very long time.

My experience at the Lighthouse is something no one can ever take away from me. I finally had a place I could call home. It was like having a new family. The staff and the friends I met there really took the time to reach out to me and that meant everything. I learned there were so many tools I could use to help beat my addiction and live life on life’s terms. I realized, after the drugs and alcohol were gone, there were still some behaviors that needed to be modified and The Lighthouse showed me how.

Today, I have a strong foundation and a fellowship
with other Lighthouse alumni. They are my family and I can always call on them whenever I need support and guidance. I became someone I can be proud of. lighthouse treatment and step 12 magazine

After five years of sobriety, I can say that I’m finally happy with who I am. I continue to grow and contribute to society in a meaningful way by getting beyond myself. I went back to school to become a substance abuse counselor and began motivational speaking at treatment centers all over southern California. I feel truly blessed and I owe everything to my foundation, the bedrock I built while at the Anaheim Lighthouse.”

Lighthouse Treatment Center is laid out like a small self-sustaining neighborhood. They accept almost every type of health insurance because they’ve taken the time and expense to secure licenses and accreditation for a wide variety of treatment modalities.

More than just the arrangement of the buildings, the energy of the clinical staff, the support staff, and the clients lends to the neighborhood atmosphere. There’s an old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” and Lighthouse Treatment centers have created a village.

Alumni programs help to keep clients united after treatment. The graduates of Lighthouse Treatment come back and offer hope to new clients by sharing their successes and struggles with life on life’s terms. The best part at Lighthouse is that comfortable brother/sisterhood feeling where a person in treatment can find some quiet space for reflection or a friendly ear willing to listen.

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