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The Non-invasive Brain Workout that Puts You in Control

The concept of brain plasticity—the ability of our brains to be optimized and self-regulating for improved cognitive ability, memory, mood and emotional balance, and even physical wellness—is one of the most groundbreaking ideas in medical history.

Our brains are the center of our entire well being; now that cutting edge neuroscience confirms the brain can be changed through non-invasive therapeutic methods like neurofeedback, we can look beyond the surgical or medication-based interventions of the past that brought unfortunate side effects to generations of people.

We can all live better lives when our brains are at peak performance. Neurofeedback training is an excellent choice for anyone looking to retrain their brain, to move forward from chronic conditions or to take on an exceptional challenge.

Employing research-based, highly effective brain exercises, neurofeedback brings results without side effects. It’s a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment that shows you exactly how your brain works, and provides easy activities that allow you to redirect your own neurological pathways to achieve your wellness and performance goals.

Practically everyone can benefit from the brain training neurofeedback offers. Neurofeedback successfully addresses:

• Attention deficit disorder and brain fog
• Disruptive behaviors
• Anxiety and depression
• Autism spectrum disorders
• Drug and alcohol addiction|
• Stress. Insomnia and migraines
• Memory and cognitive problems associated with aging
• Peak performance challenges in sports, business and the arts

Unlike medication, which seeks to balance brain/body chemistry through trial and error, and by introducing additional chemicals to your system, Neurofeedback targets the source: the bioelectrical functioning of the brain. When the brain’s bioelectrical functions misfire, your body’s chemistry “acts out” in ways that result in physical, mental and emotional dysfunctions. Neurofeedback focuses on optimizing the brain’s regulatory networks; over time, the need for medication often diminishes or ceases altogether.

Neurofeedback trains your brain to self-regulate. This self-regulation helps your brain flex its own muscle using neuroplasticity. Self-regulation training strengthens and enhances the overall function of the central nervous system and thereby ramps up and improves mental performance, emotional control and physiological stability.

Neurofeedback therapy sessions are fun and relaxing. As you sit comfortably viewing a movie or video game, sensors attached to your head painlessly record your brainwave activity. No voltage or electrical currents are delivered to your brain. Instead, your own brainwaves and your training take control.

A highly trained neurofeedback therapist shows you a comprehensive computer analysis of the ebbs and flows of your own brain waves throughout testing and therapeutic activities. Together you can then develop a customized and personal brain optimization training plan. The results of your brain training will begin to manifest in your life as rewards and achievements. As more effective neuropathways are generated and exercised you will begin to see success in therapeutic activities—and then in your own life challenges.

Neurofeedback therapy helps us discover and adjust the brain functions you need to overcome conditions that affect your physical, mental and emotional well being.

Talk with your medical professional about your interest in neurofeedback training, especially if you are currently on medication.

The professionals at the Mind Body Treatment and Research Institute are available to answer your questions about neurofeedback therapy, and how it can help you.

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