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All the scientific theories float to the surface of my mind: To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Actions speak louder than words. Thoughts lead to actions.

Spiritual theories also abound: Watch your words. Be careful what you wish for. There, but for the grace of God, go I ….

Theories aside for a moment, actions are the keys that complement communications, both with others and within ourselves. All actions require us to make a move!

Move aside from staid positions, move your muscles, move across country, heck—move off the couch! Make a move. Do something. Thoughts are great, action is greater. Failing forward means you moved. But it beats falling back into inaction.

Break monumental impossibilities into smaller sections of potential progress. Seeing the whole picture is like, well, seeing the whole picture! Imagine a movie, seeing it all at once in a flash, without the frame by frame, scene by scene devouring of a story. It would fall flat, not have any meaning, leave you hungry for how everything happened. Such is any expectation or priority or plan needing plot points to deliver satisfying end points.

Some people eat a meal by mixing it all together. Others eat first this and then that, but everyone consumes bite by bite. Spaghetti strand by spaghetti strand, we twist our pasta until it’s gone and we finally feel satiated by sauce-covered carbs.

Yet when the big dreams don’t come true in an instant, we give up, throw in the towel, turn on the TV.

Life will always and forever give us challenges to overcome. Don’t you hate that? When will our air be dust-free, our refrigerators stay stocked full, and our bank accounts overflow with cold cash? Never. Unless you hit a huge lottery and hire a maid, that is, and even then, you can still fall ill, give in to cravings or obsessions, watch your McMansion melt in the middle of a raging fire, lose your love, or your heart’s desire. Then, it’s start over. Square one … again. And again.

I promise, life will never be a walk in the park for too long. Enjoy your stroll, enjoy the good moments … breathe fully and deeply through the bad times, waiting again for the good times.

Life means to live. And to be alive means action. Always action. Don’t you hate that?

Pass the popcorn.


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