Metaphorically Speaking – Lights Camera Action

step 12 magazine metaphorically speaking

by Karen VanDenBerg

If life was a movie set, would we be in the role we want?

Check the lights. Are there shadows in dark corners? Is there too much glare in one particular area? Is the contrast stark or soft? Are there filters or full exposure? Does the lighting allow us to see all our strengths and expose all our skeletons in the closet?

The camera is in position and ready to roll. Are we comfortable with our part? Have we rehearsed our lines? Is the cast we’re playing with on the same page? Are we dressed for the part? Do we respect the director and have willingness to adjust when needed?

Action! It’s time to begin. History is being recorded. A bad scene must be cut and restarted before the film runs out. Changes to the script can be made but must be done quickly. Repeating the scene without changes is a waste of film, and there are a limited number of frames. Once the film has been made, it cannot be undone, just done over on a new section of film.

So adjust the lighting, check the angle of the camera, pay attention to the director and start living the life you deserve.

Places, everyone, the filming is about to begin. Action!

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