Metaphorically Speaking – Down the Drain

Down the Drain

by Karen VanDenBerg

Tink, tink, splash. That’s the sound my earring made when it fell into the sink. My favorite earring, too! My heart skipped a beat and my mouth released a few choice words and a simultaneous gasp nearly caused me to choke.

The water was draining out of the sink and I couldn’t see past the bubbles to grab it from the clutches of the drain. My earring was doomed to a life of pipes and sewers. There was nothing positive to pull from this scenario. Nothing. I’ve never seen earrings like this before and I will never be able to replace it. My only hope is to someday be walking innocently along the beach after a sewer breech and stumble upon the little earring that could. Wait. I’m so distraught over my earring that I’m hoping for a sewer breech?

Where’s my serenity? Where’s my faith? Where’s my reason to live?

Then I remembered. There’s a screen at the bottom of the sink. It is there to keep exactly this kind of tragedy from happening. As the water finished draining, my earring was sitting in the screen a little wet, but unharmed.

And like a flash, my next thought was, “Wow, that little screen is just like my Higher Power—always in the right place to keep me from going down the drain.”

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