Letter from the Publisher-Sept/Oct 2016

Step 12 Magazine Publisher

step 12 magazineIssue 18 marks the completion of three years in circulation for Step 12 Magazine. We’ve experienced some changes on this journey: new name, new editor, new office, new account manager, and lots of new readers!

Like so many of us, I sometimes feel I don’t deserve the gifts of my recovery. I guard against self-sabotage and work diligently to stay on track with our mission of delivering a message of hope. Yet sometimes I feel overwhelmed with fear (I’m only human). Almost without fail and exactly when I need it most, it happens: I find a letter in the mail from a reader with two simple words “thank you” and my fear is instantly replaced with gratitude. Timing is everything and in those moments I quote a sober-sister, “Is it odd? Or is it God?

I want to share that gift so I say THANK YOU! to all our readers, promoters, supporters and sponsors. My Higher Power works through you and I’m grateful to be a person among people. We’re all doing absolutely the best that we can! Our Journey Continues—together!

Respectfully and Enthusiastically,

Karen VanDenBerg

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