A Heart Full of Reverence by Tom Bliss and Alexandra Kalehakis

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To have a heart full of reverence for all that exists is the secret principle of acceptance. And acceptance is an infinite loop: if you revere life, you can accept reality; and only when you accept reality can you revere life. You must jump right in to this acceptance loop, but it’s not that hard. In fact, it’s impossible to take your deepest breath and refuse life in that same moment. Acceptance is objective empathy—the belief that everything that is deserves to exist or it would never have come into being. So even before our choice, discrimination, and intention come into play, we must practice acceptance. A first step is to acknowledge that there are no good people and no bad people; there are only people whose experiences taught them to cope the best they can.

But acceptance doesn’t mean approval, advocacy, indulgence, or submission. We don’t let the universe toss us into the tide of another’s creed or being which may be hateful and damaging to us. Acceptance simply ushers into our awareness what already exists. And by affirming the livingness of others, we spring to life.

The result of acceptance is connection to your world, which allows a connection to the very center of your most secret self. This linkage frees your ability for deeper experience and feeling. It invites your self-awareness to help you enter into a co-regulated partnership with another that may contain preference patterns and arousal templates different from your own. Acceptance is a precursor to the most potent intimacy, and acts as a lightning rod for sexual ignition, because the cosmically connected, overflowing energy in your body is evident to attuned others. Through the widening empathy engendered by ever-greater acceptance, you overflow to feel your lover feeling your own overflowing body.

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Who accepts you unconditionally? Do you accept yourself? Think of all the moments when someone’s acceptance affected your life. We may not approve of everyone, but we can accept and love people unconditionally as others have loved us despite our faults.

Accept yourself. Accept your life. Accept your feelings and fate. Today, walk in the world with loving acceptance of all you perceive. Know that there is a greater meaning beyond the superficial veil of existence, and that acceptance for all that is, despite our biases and inherited narratives, is the key to greater perception of that meaning.