Good Things by Kristin Wilhite-Smith

What does it take to ignite a new path? For some, hearing an unwanted diagnosis that leads to a change of habits into healthier ways. For others, it could be an injury that slows you down to give you some time to ‘rethink things’. Or maybe it comes from within, “I want better for myself.” However the delivery system, somehow, we get a clear message, “something must change!”

In 2001, I discovered the three things I loved most were causing my biggest problems. Let’s look up candidiasis … sugar feeds that beast. Sugar! Who doesn’t love sugar?! I remember the street I walked down while eating my last ice cream cone. Last? Yep, for me eating cow’s milk products were causing me reoccurring upper respiratory infections and had to stop. It was my staple food! Half a gallon of milk, cheese and ice cream were part of my daily ritual. And what goes with cheese? Bread, of course. Wheat flour was the third food that my body was highly sensitive to—causing me inflammation and pain. As I have heard from the majority of people I have shared my story with, “if you don’t eat wheat, dairy and sugar, what else is there??!

Newcomers quoteMy journey to health was truly a challenge of having to learn new things. How to eat, when to eat, and what to eat. Dealing with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) required me to eat every two to three hours, often seven times per day. It’s amazing I had time to work! Seriously, I was prepping food nearly 4-5 hours/day and eating 80% vegetables. Sound intense? It was, but I got through it!

Putting my “spirit in charge” was critical for me to overcome the hurdle of intense cravings. Some may call it ‘will power’, but even my mind played tricks on me. I had to plan ahead for days at a time, yet live ‘moment to moment’ to get through without caving in. I had to plan all my meals and my time management to make sure I had what I needed, when I needed it.

Reaching my goal of health, was a an emotional journey as well. When on a special diet, one can often feel isolated. Even going to a potluck was emotionally challenging. Fortunately, I realized the only way to get my needs met was to bring my own food. I became known as “the girl with the cooler.” Over time, it made me laugh that I was identified by my dietary requirements. Yet, it was necessary to my recovery. I didn’t want to miss out on social time with my friends just because I couldn’t eat what they could. I was able to do a little EFT to deal with feeling left out, and it worked. I know I am connected to the hearts of those I love, regardless of what I put in my mouth.

Remember hearing that old saying, “if at first you don’t succeed: try, try again?” Never give up my friends, because your diligence, commitment and efforts will bring you great things. I began to feel so much better after a few weeks on my new path. Plus, over time, I got a bonus of some desired weight loss!

I am thankful I don’t have to be that strict now. Now I know that whenever I start to feel out of balance from being overstimulated, from lack of sleep or too much restaurant food, I know what to do. I appreciate where I have been, what I have learned and most importantly: the value of health. A milestone that continues to bring me health and happiness.

Kristin Wilhite-Smith, HHP is a wellness expert utilizing Neuro-Linguistics for habit change and Whole Foods Nutrition for positive results.