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Sugar is my worst enemy. After eating it, I get “high” then I want more sugar. And next time, even more. When I crash, it feels awful. It’s a cycle that’s hard to break. But “hard” is not impossible, and I was determined to find a way.

Unlike identifying specific food allergies, my sugar-addiction took a long time to figure out. When I realized sugar was the culprit, guilty of numerous crimes against my person, I decided to change my life style and eating habits.

Everything lurking in the pantry in a packet, jar, can or bottle was discarded. However, even though it contains fructose, I did not eliminate organic fruit. Without regrets, I broke up with the Supermarket and started dating the Farmer’s Market. Now, I know exactly what I’m eating, and there are no secret ingredients. Fruit saves me from sweet cravings at any time of the night or day. In fact, to be specific, low-fructose bananas are the bomb! Learning to sweeten my life without sugar was amazing.

I like sweet things, especially chocolate. Very often, after dinner, my sweet-tooth kicks in and I crave something sweet. Usually, I choose a piece of fresh fruit. Sometimes, I want something more “naughty” than a thick slice of fresh pineapple—as delicious as it is. A brownie? Hell, yeah! I make mine with bananas and coconut oil instead of sugar and butter. As I type, I’m drinking a smoothie made with bananas and organic cacao beans. I get my sugar hit, my chocolate hit and my sweet-tooth is satisfied!

The best thing about eliminating processed sugars from my diet is feeling great. Once a level of inner peace is achieved, it’s doable. There’s no searching every corner of the house like a desperate addict, looking for a sugary snack to satisfy my insatiable craving. Some of the edge has been taken off my disease. When it comes to what I put in my mouth, I have a lot more control.

Freshly made Chili Popcorn is my favorite movie snack. Nowadays, I prefer salty home-made snacks, but low-fructose fruits have become the new sweets in my life. There are several great fruits that help me out in the sweetness department: berries, kiwi, grapefruit, pineapples, and avocados, to name a few.

Something else has happened recently, something so vital to my recovery that it also deserves a mention. Whenever I choose fruit, I congratulate myself on a wonderful choice. I look directly at my face in the mirror and compliment myself on my smart decision. The smile that comes back is pretty hard to beat. The self-esteem boost is amazing. I am both physically and psychologically combating my disease with powerful weapons it can’t easily break through. I’m also beginning to believe that poor self-esteem has a lot more to do with our diseases than we understand. As for that bleak crazy depression skulking around somewhere in the darkest shadows of my messed up mind, well, these days it’s got a whole bunch of large complicated obstacles to get over before it can ruin my day! Happy sugar-free days!

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