Feeling Liberated by What We Think and Do by Kristin Wilhite

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We all want to be free, even when our patterns say otherwise. A person that can’t seem to leave a domestic violence situation is a perfect example. Every ounce of their self-preservation mechanism is screaming “LEAVE!” but their belief systems hold them hostage. Otherwise, they would just walk out the door and never look back.

Our belief systems are mostly created before the age of twelve, the rest by culture, relationships, and how we perceive experiences and trauma. Some believe FREEDOM is an escape or avoidance. I have learned that true FREEDOM comes from when you face the issue and get through the healing of it (aka overcome it).

When working with NLP clients, I always ask at the end of the session, “How do you feel about that issue now?” The top four most common responses are “calm, peaceful, lighter and FREE!” I love it! Facilitating the sense of FREEDOM is such a gift! It makes me realize that freedom is a belief that resides in the mind.

When we are plagued by unresolved emotions such as trauma, anger, fear or guilt, we are not free. Much like a vehicle needs a fuel injection cleaner on a regular basis, by not doing the necessary clearing work on our emotions, we may find ourselves overreacting, yelling, road raging, losing our temper, hurting people’s feelings, depressed, or fill in the blank. Self-care requires us to “check in” with ourselves and “get real” with what is really going on. To me, there is no shame in facing our fears and dealing with our issues. There is no need for shame when we are taking the necessary actions to grow in our heart, mind, body and spirit.

When you find yourself needing support, grief counseling may be ideal. Otherwise, you may be a prime candidate for the quick and easy tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) if you are experiencing anxiety, sadness or any of the above paragraph’s issues. With NLP, we create new neuro pathways that lead you to your desired outcome. For instance, if you are triggered by certain stimuli, we can quickly change your response to one you prefer. This can be very helpful while building healthy relationships.

Cleansing old unresolved emotions from childhood can be the missing link for a life filled with joy. Dr. Patrick Scott of Nevada has clinically shown (study) that MER (Timeline Therapy) is more effective in relieving depressive disorders than Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Energetically, when we no longer feel resistance in the body and mind, we often feel liberated.

Did you know humans are the only animals that don’t innately shake off stress? After an animal survives a hunt (whether the chaser or chasee), it will find a safe space and relieve itself of the adrenaline / stress hormones. We are the only animals that don’t let it go. Each time we dwell on it (the stressful situation), we are reinforcing a neurological pattern in the brain … much like driving through the mud, we create a rut. The more we drive on the rut, the deeper it gets increasing the potential to get stuck and damage our vehicle.

There is great FREEDOM in learning how to let it go, so that it doesn’t cause residual stress, emotional / physical pain, or disease. Imagine how we could change our culture and health just by learning to forgive, let it go and have healthy boundaries with friends, relatives, and coworkers.

Exercise: Ask yourself, what can I do to make myself feel free that won’t harm myself or others? Taking a walk, swim, dance, sing, or eating less inflammatory foods? We all have the power to make choices that align ourselves with the sense of freedom. Yes, it may take proactive action, but it’s worth it if you want to FEEL FREE!

Kristin Wilhite, HHP is the Owner / Founder of www.SustainableHolistic.com DBA Progressive Holistic Living: Providing Professional Holistic Health Care Since 1995.