April Showers bring May Flowers – Metaphorically Speaking

step 12 magazine april showers bring may flowers

by Karen VanDenBerg

There was a storm! It was a torrential storm. Trees were uprooted, cars swerved off the road, the ocean tormented the beaches, and rain flooded the streets. It was windy and loud and foreboding. And in the wake of the storm, as is so often the case, everything feels fresh and clean. Even the wreckage seems less burdensome than expected. Breathing is easier. The world looks brighter. The colors are crisper. The air is so clear I can see the snow-capped mountains to the east, and the white-capped swells to the west.

I think my Higher Power is reminding me that no matter how chaotic things seem when life starts whirling completely out of control, I just have to stay as safe and dry as possible until things settle down. And just like the dead and broken limbs being blown out of the trees making room for fresh new growth, my emotional baggage can also be blown out of the way making room for fresh new growth.

April showers bring may flowers. A good spring-cleaning is not only good for the planet, but it’s good for the soul. Let the garbage wash away and make room for the new growth and bloom where we’re planted.

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